Safe from Hackers? 7 Security Protections You Need

Every day, more than 82,000 new malware threats are released by scammers against businesses. Your business’ bank account is the number one target of these schemes. To add insult to injury, a data breach exposing the information of your clients or patients could quickly escalate and do serious harm to your reputation. You could also incur fines, civil lawsuits and a costly litigation process. If you want to avoid these cyber-attacks, read this report and act on it.

This report covers the number one threat to your business that even firewalls and up-to-date anti-virus software cannot protect against. It also includes actions you can perform to remedy it.

In addition, the brief outlines the biggest security risks related to cloud computing. If your business stores confidential data or financial information, you need to know how keep it safe.

You will also learn about a common misconception related to business bank fraud. There are three important, yet simple actions you can take to protect your accounts from these unauthorized thefts.

Finally, you will learn how to protect your network in the Internet of things. The brief details how to protect mobile devices, cloud applications, your social media accounts and email from cyber-attacks.

You and your business’ IT specialists can use this important document to protect the viability and integrity of your business. This information was designed for use on all computing platforms, no matter what type of data storage or systems that your business utilizes for handling essential information.

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Google Ratings and Your Website

As Google updates its rating system for secure and responsive mobile friendly websites, it is imperative for you to stay up to date with the changes.

How Google Ratings Secure Websites
Keeping your website updated to Google’s parameters helps you to enjoy higher placement on their search rankings, which may yield more traffic and conversions for your business. Your IT specialist will use these top three changes for secure and responsive mobile friendly websites when developing and maintaining each page on your site.

Google’s Rankings for Secure Websites
Because security is of utmost importance to Google, they made changes to their ranking systems for secure websites. These Google updates include strong https encryption by default and the use of transport layer security on all websites that make their top ranking results. HTTPS is now a growing ranking signal for Google, and their developers expect it to increase in priority for search rankings in the future. Your web developers will need to use this technology to fortify your website’s position in the rankings.

Rankings for Responsive Mobile Websites
Responsive mobile websites are now the leading way that people access the Internet for information. If your website is not mobile friendly, it will not rank well on Google. Their most recent updates include checking for mobile-friendly design platforms, using responsive templates that automatically adapt to the device and using mobile search engine optimization (SEO). Your web developers can help you to make website updates that will reach Google’s targets for high search rankings.

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How Good Is Your IT Support?

Unless you are an information technology expert yourself, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you are getting high-quality computer support service from your tech person. Your technology specialist is not only there to set up your new equipment and make sure that your network is working, but he or she is needed for security, development and customer service. If you answer “no” to any of the following points, you may need to rethink your IT support technician.

Your IT specialist should respond emergencies within 30 minutes of your request for assistance. A quick follow-up to your questions is also essential for high-quality service.

The IT specialist that your company uses should keep you up-to-date about what is being done with your network. Their services should be guaranteed and any fees should be stated upfront. Projects should be completed on time and within your agreed upon budget.

IT specialists should engage in continuing education and training. Doing so allows them to keep your business prepared for the next cyber threat.


Here is a simple quiz to help you decide how you rate your current IT support:

How Does Your Computer Guy Stack Up?



The Importance of Having a Responsive Website

Responsive website design isn’t important for only the biggest players in the field. By creating a responsive design for your website, you can show that you are just as important of a player while at the same time providing the personalized and attentive service that the patrons of smaller business have come to expect. Here are the top three reasons for having a responsively designed website.


One of the hallmarks of a responsively designed website is its fluidity. Your customers can use it on any of their devices, from smartphones to tablets or their laptop computers. The content of your website makes automatic updates to fill larger screens or constrict to smaller ones depending on the output information from each device.

Accommodation of Your Followers

If your clients or followers have unusual schedules outside of the typical 9-to-5 business hours, having a website with responsive design makes all your latest content available to them when they come to browse. Your visitors can go right from viewing your website on a desktop computer at work to their smartphone on the bus ride home.

Enhancement of SEO

Having just one website for your business that is maximized to its search engine optimization potential increases your traffic and boosts your chances of being on the first page of results when it comes to search engine algorithms. With all of the traffic directed to your only website rather than a separate page for mobile users, you will be more likely to enjoy a high conversion rate.

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Preparing to Move a Business

If you are planning to move your office to a new physical location soon, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy and frustration by reviewing these tips first. Having a solid plan of action for the move can help this big task go as smoothly as possible so that you can be back on your feet assisting your loyal customers.

Use a Checklist

Over the course of a day, many different tasks that need to be done for your move may pop into your head. Instead of letting these important thoughts come and go, create a checklist. Your checklist can be on paper or in an app used on your handheld device.

Getting Enough Professional Assistance

You might be surprised at the bulk, heft and complexity of moving your servers, routers and all the other accessories to your new location. Hiring professional movers can ease the process for you. If your files are stored on the cloud, you may be able to monitor each piece of equipment as it comes back online.

Hiring the Right Movers

In hiring the right movers for the task, it’s important to look for experienced movers who can make contact with your telephone, Internet and cloud services so that there are no disruptions or gaps in your essential communication services. The right movers for the job will also provide a service level guarantee against the amount of time that your website is down and unavailable to your customers.

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Setting and Achieving Analytic Goals with Sharepoint

When dealing with big data, businesses need a strong analytic tool that can perform without a lot of hassle and manipulation. Sharepoint offers several analytic and optimization solutions that can help any organization reach its data mining, reporting and sharing goals.

Planning the Portal
The first step in setting analytic goals for Sharepoint is to establish the use of the portal. These should be aligned with overall organizational goals as well as departmental achievement goals. For example, your organization could set a goal to increase portal adoption rates by 10 percent over the next 6 months and 15 percent over the next 12 months.

Allocating Goals to Staff Members
Series of goals that are in steps helps to keep staff members on track and aware of their status toward the finish line. This series should be individualized to each employee with the ultimate goal of regular usage. Some of these incremental goals could include adding increasing levels of complexity and responsibility as well as implementing some personal organizational issues that make portal use more convenient and natural to the job’s essential functions.

Creating and Maintaining a Productive User Experience
Once goals are reached, the use of analytic tools should not be abandoned. These user-experience reports should be investigated continually in order to know who is continuing to use the Sharepoint portal on a regular basis. The tools can also help to maintain efficiency and productivity for all of the portal’s users.

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Your Small Business is Under Attack

Your small business could be under attack by cyber criminals right now, without you even knowing it. These attackers are using sophisticated means to hack into the databases of countless small businesses with the purpose of stealing credit card information or money from your bank accounts. Every day, 82,000 new malware threats are released, with half of those directed at small businesses like yours. Up to 1 in 5 small businesses have experienced these attacks in the past 12 months. This number continues to rise as businesses move to cloud computing, online storage and the use of mobile devices. These tips can help you enhance your security and fend off cyber-criminals.

Establish Internet Policies
Train your staff on computer security, such as spotting phishing emails. Create an acceptable use policy and enforce it with everyone. This is especially important if your staff uses their own devices to access your network. Part of your policy should require strong passwords that include a minimum of 8 characters with lowercase and uppercase letters, symbols and at least 1 number.

Network Maintenance
Keep your operating system and platform up to date. New vulnerabilities are found almost daily, necessitating nightly updates and patches. Maintain a secure backup system. This can foil ransom attacks in which a hacker locks up your information until you pay a fee.

Nix the Downloads
Don’t allow employees to make unauthorized downloads. Malicious codes can be hidden in seemingly harmless apps. Set up a strong firewall to defend against hackers.

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Prepare for the Unexpected with a Disaster Recovery Assessment

Because many high profile hacker attacks as well as natural disasters and server crashes have affected businesses, the need for data recovery services has been at the forefront of many information specialists’ minds. It is no longer safe to assume that your business is ready for one of these events. By testing your readiness, you can get a feel for your timeliness and response to data breaches or losses of any kind.

Make Disaster Preparedness a Priority
September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, which makes it an ideal time to test your company’s information technology systems. An assessment can help to determine what your company’s technological weak points are and the reasons why these areas are vulnerable. You’ll also learn how to back up your critical data and have it immediately available so that your business does not have to deal with any downtime.

Assessing the Situation
A professional auditing of all your data systems helps find hidden issues. The assessment is also timed so that you know how long it would take your business to be up and running again in the event of an attack or natural disaster.

Taking Action
Once your company has had an assessment, you’ll be prepared to take thoughtful actions that can protect your data and your bottom line. If the auditors find any problems within your data collection and management systems, you’ll have the time to fix those loopholes and test the system again.

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Three Ways to Organize Online Content Marketing

Marketing your content is getting more difficult by the minute as all the competition is out there trying to put out their information before you can. With the dizzying array of activity, staying organized is key to time management and successfully reaching your customers. These three tips will help you stay organized as you market online content.

Prioritize Information
Make sure that the most important piece of your content reaches your customers. All critical bits of data, whether they are new product or service releases to a customer success story, should have priority over items with a lower level of importance.

Time Posts Wisely
Use your analytics to determine when your customers are online and the times they are most likely to read your posts. It doesn’t make any sense to upload your critical pieces at 8 p.m. on a Saturday if the majority of your readers won’t see it. Instead of letting your marketing pieces get buried in someone’s social media feed, use data to time your posts wisely so that they can be read while still “hot off the presses.”

Plan Your Updates
If your critical piece of the week is about a new service you are rolling out, you’ll get the most bang for your bucks by tying in all of your other content to that topic. Your other marketing pieces for the week could include a success story, an overview and a detailed analysis of the new offered service.

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How Cloud Computing Can Cut Business Costs

It used to be that a business owner had to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars every year on licensing and software for common products like Microsoft Office. However, due to mainstream apps like Google Apps and Office 365 that are offered through the cloud, business owners can save their money while still having access to essential business software.

The Benefits of Cloud Applications

With cloud computing, a business owner does not have to own the product that he or she wants to use. Instead, the manufacturer is able to offer it on a pay as you go type of program. So instead of having a piece of software such as Microsoft Word installed on every laptop, desktop and tablet in an office, a business owner can simply have it accessible through Microsoft’s cloud, which is accessible from any device, at any time and through any location with wireless Internet access. This saves time, money and energy for all employees.

Is Your Business Ready for Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is not for everyone. Some factors for business owners to consider include the type of help desk assistance they need on a daily or regular basis, the types of devices they use and the kind of Internet connection they have. Security and network performance may also be factors for business owners to keep in mind. A professional, no-obligation cloud computing consultation can help any business owner determine whether using cloud apps would be beneficial.

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