President Michael Mack Reviews RMM Software, Integration

World Synergy President, Michael Mack, provides feedback to John Moore, site editor at SearchITChannel, on RMM products and ease of integration:

Michael Mack, president of World Synergy Enterprises, a strategic business services firm in Cleveland, said he likes to use an RMM product that links with other applications, making buying decisions “based on the ability to integrate and how tightly they integrate.”

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World Synergy Ranked Among Top 501 Managed Service Providers by Penton Technology’s MSPmentor

June 28, 2016 – Cleveland, Ohio: For the fourth year in a row, Solon, Ohio based organization, World Synergy, ranks among the world’s most progressive 501 Managed Service Providers (MSPs). According to Penton Technology’s 9th-annual MSP 501 list and study, the top MSP 501 companies ranked this year include organizations from around the world and from diverse technology and business backgrounds.

“It is an honor to be ranked among the top performing MSP providers in the world, improving our rank this year to 342.  Thanks to the dedicated work of our employees and the partnerships we have developed with our customers, we are proud that 2016 marks our fourth year in a row on the MSP 501 list,” said Glenn Smith, CEO of World Synergy.

The 2016 MSP 501 list is based on data collected by MSPmentor and its partner, Clarity Channel Advisors. Data was collected online from March through April 2016. The MSP 501 list recognizes top managed service providers based on metrics including recurring revenue, growth and other factors.

“On behalf of Penton and MSPmentor, I would like to congratulate World Synergy for its recognition as an MSP 501 honoree,” said Aldrin Brown, Editor in Chief, MSPmentor. “The managed service provider market is evolving at a rapid pace and the companies showcased on the 2016 MSP 501 list represent the most agile, flexible and innovative organizations in the industry.”

In addition to a ranking on the MSP 501 list, every company that participated in the study has been assigned a score reflecting its intrinsic value. The measure, known as the Total Service Provider (TSP) score, evaluates an MSP’s mix of revenue from various activities, including consulting, cloud, reselling and managed services.

“World Synergy has been serving Managed IT Services and Technology support to Cleveland, Akron, and all of Northeast Ohio since 1998. We are proud that we continue to be one of the top Managed IT Service Providers in the World and are thankful to Penton Technology for naming us once again. We are truly fortunate to have such a dedicated team; they’re an integral part of our company’s mission and continued growth,” said Michael Mack, President of World Synergy.

 The complete 2016 MSP 501 list is available at MSPmentor.

About World Synergy

World Synergy offers a unique combination of Marketing, Applications Development, and Technology services created specifically for owners and executives. Together, we evaluate your business needs and tailor our integrated business services to achieve a maximum return on your investment.

Our approach to partnership assists you and your organization in developing a roadmap on the way to achieving your goals. With consistent evaluation and monthly reporting you are kept up to date on progress or problems and are able to make educated decisions about the future of your business. We have a solution for your Marketing, Applications, and Technology needs; taking your business from Thought to Thrive.



Is Your Computer Data Prepared For The Unexpected?

A company’s data is one of its most valuable assets. As the summer season carries on, it is important to recognize that the threat of fire, flood, severe storms, water damage from office sprinklers, and even theft is very real and can affect any business. As a reminder to all of our clients and friends, we’re here to share a few simple things that you can do to make sure your company is prepared for any natural disaster.

1.) Utilize Remote Data Back Up. In-house backup systems are still a popular practice for many businesses. However, using in-house backup systems can be dangerous because they are subject to damage if a natural disaster occurs, and they can be easily stolen. We recommended backing up all data to an off-site location, and we offer this as a service to our clients.
2.) Invest In A Quality Surge Protector With Uninterruptible Power Supply Battery. In order to avoid damage to your computer’s circuity from surges and other electronic irregularities, protect your sensitive electronic equipment by combining a high quality surge protector and an uninterruptible power supply backup.
3.) Keep Servers Off The Floor Or Consider Cloud Services. Server racks can be purchased and installed with minimal expense and effort, while risking your equipment by keeping it on the floor can be a huge detriment to your business should your office flood. Consider moving your data to the cloud to ensure protection no matter the weather!
4.) Play It Safe With A Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan. Being prepared in case of an emergency is very important to ensure the safety of your business. Do you have a plan in place for continued operations after a disaster? Consider including in this plan where people would go, who should be called, and how to log in and access data remotely. Hopefully you will never need to use it, but having a simple plan in place will make an already stressful situation a lot easier.

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Blog Content to Help Drive Search Results

When you are trying to boost your website’s rankings in search engines like Google and Bing, SEO is important, but it is not the only part of the ranking algorithm. Quality content continues to reign supreme as a way to drive your search results and get your posts into the first page of results.

Quality Content
When creating a blog post, quality content is important. Your use of keywords and phrases combined with useful information that is unique to your site will help to drive results to your page. Embedded videos and images with useful tags also help to drive results to your site. Every time you create a new blog post, it adds content to your website and gives the engines one additional indexed page available to organic searches.

Establishes Authority
When your blog posts show that you are an authority in your field, your placement on the search engine rankings will increase. You could create a title for your post that is a commonly asked question. This means that every time a person types that question into a search engine, the first result could be your blog post about that specific topic.

Conversion of Traffic
When you create useful content, the visitors that find your website are more likely to become leads. They may sign up for your feeds, like your social media pages and subscribe to your newsletters. They may also post comments, which further boost your search engine rankings.

For more information about how World Synergy can help your organization increase rankings and SEO results with digital marketing support and strategy, contact Joanna Zinna at (440) 479-9818.

The Benefits of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

Cloud computing is a service that could save your business countless hours of time and considerable amounts of money on hardware, software, security and upgrade expenses. Rather than having to maintain your own hardware and software, you can upload your data to the cloud and enjoy the convenience of having someone else maintain the systems for you.

Pay As You Go
Cloud computing works on a pay-as-you-go model. You can gain access to software as you need it. Most of the software applications that your business uses are likely already in the cloud and available for you to use. By accessing them through the cloud, you only have to pay for the fees and space for the software, and you save money by only paying for what you need.

High-speed Connectivity
By hosting your data, applications and email service through the cloud, your business can enjoy faster processing and loading speeds. You can pay for the speed of data that makes the most sense for your needs. Off-site, highly secure servers mean that you do not have to worry about maintaining your own network servers or ensuring that they are up to date on the latest anti-virus software.

Connecting Many Devices
If your business uses the Internet of Things, you need plenty of space, and the cloud also provides top-notch security for devices. Cloud computing delivers high-quality services so that your devices will work with all types of apps.

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Getting the Most Out of Your Computer

If you feel like your business is spending too much money fixing, maintaining and updating servers and backup devices, you are not alone. Instead of spending your profits on IT upgrades, consider moving your data to the cloud. The cloud allows you to use your funds more productively. You can still enjoy the same high level of productivity and efficiency, but without the constant need for repairs, updates and management of physical computing systems.

Getting What You Need Through the Cloud
The cloud can host every bit of information that your physical equipment can, but with fewer problems and maintenance needs. The cloud can host your network, server, data and applications off-site. Moving this information to the cloud keeps your business going even if the power goes out or you experience an unexpected equipment failure. Instead of having to replace all of your equipment every three years or so, all you need to do is maintain an internet connection and have a cloud services provider.

Benefits of Moving to the Cloud
In addition to the money you will save by not having to purchase and maintain servers and equipment, there are many other benefits of moving to the cloud. The cloud acts as an automatic backup for your data. Your workstations and server will be remotely accessible, allowing you and your staff to work anywhere in the world.

Learn more about the cloud and download the FREE Cloud Readiness Assessment now, or contact Joanna Zinna at (440) 479-9818 for a consultation.

The Impact Video Has on Search Results

When your business needs to increase its position on search engine rankings, content is important. However, written content is not the only piece of the puzzle when it comes to enjoying rankings in the topmost results. Video marketing, also referred to as video SEO, has a growing level of importance in how Google rates websites. Consider these three ways that video impacts your site’s position in search results.

Relevance of Search Terms in Your Titles
Having relevant video content on your website boosts your search results because it meets more of the parameters that Google uses when sorting through the millions of potential matches. Adding a video to your written content could match a visitor’s search parameters more closely, especially if they use keywords such as “tutorial” or “demo.”

More Favorites, Likes and Comments
Including a video within your website’s content increases the potential number of favorites, likes, shares and comments to that page. All of these individual factors can increase your ranking. When put altogether, the comments, shares and likes of a video could send your page to the top of the search list results.

Increased Numbers of Subscriptions and Total Views
Google also tracks the number of total views, time spent on pages and the amount of subscriptions to a website’s feed. When your website has relevant video content that is readily available to visitors, your subscriptions and total views will increase. Watching a video takes time, which is also counted into the algorithm for search rankings.

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Safe from Hackers? 7 Security Protections You Need

Every day, more than 82,000 new malware threats are released by scammers against businesses. Your business’ bank account is the number one target of these schemes. To add insult to injury, a data breach exposing the information of your clients or patients could quickly escalate and do serious harm to your reputation. You could also incur fines, civil lawsuits and a costly litigation process. If you want to avoid these cyber-attacks, read this report and act on it.

This report covers the number one threat to your business that even firewalls and up-to-date anti-virus software cannot protect against. It also includes actions you can perform to remedy it.

In addition, the brief outlines the biggest security risks related to cloud computing. If your business stores confidential data or financial information, you need to know how keep it safe.

You will also learn about a common misconception related to business bank fraud. There are three important, yet simple actions you can take to protect your accounts from these unauthorized thefts.

Finally, you will learn how to protect your network in the Internet of things. The brief details how to protect mobile devices, cloud applications, your social media accounts and email from cyber-attacks.

You and your business’ IT specialists can use this important document to protect the viability and integrity of your business. This information was designed for use on all computing platforms, no matter what type of data storage or systems that your business utilizes for handling essential information.

Download the FREE Executive Report now, or contact Joanna Zinna at (440) 479-9818 for a security consultation.

Google Ratings and Your Website

As Google updates its rating system for secure and responsive mobile friendly websites, it is imperative for you to stay up to date with the changes.

How Google Ratings Secure Websites
Keeping your website updated to Google’s parameters helps you to enjoy higher placement on their search rankings, which may yield more traffic and conversions for your business. Your IT specialist will use these top three changes for secure and responsive mobile friendly websites when developing and maintaining each page on your site.

Google’s Rankings for Secure Websites
Because security is of utmost importance to Google, they made changes to their ranking systems for secure websites. These Google updates include strong https encryption by default and the use of transport layer security on all websites that make their top ranking results. HTTPS is now a growing ranking signal for Google, and their developers expect it to increase in priority for search rankings in the future. Your web developers will need to use this technology to fortify your website’s position in the rankings.

Rankings for Responsive Mobile Websites
Responsive mobile websites are now the leading way that people access the Internet for information. If your website is not mobile friendly, it will not rank well on Google. Their most recent updates include checking for mobile-friendly design platforms, using responsive templates that automatically adapt to the device and using mobile search engine optimization (SEO). Your web developers can help you to make website updates that will reach Google’s targets for high search rankings.

For more information about how World Synergy can help your organization prepare for these changes and have a responsive and optimized website, contact Joanna Zinna at (440) 479-9818.

How Good Is Your IT Support?

Unless you are an information technology expert yourself, it can be difficult to determine whether or not you are getting high-quality computer support service from your tech person. Your technology specialist is not only there to set up your new equipment and make sure that your network is working, but he or she is needed for security, development and customer service. If you answer “no” to any of the following points, you may need to rethink your IT support technician.

Your IT specialist should respond emergencies within 30 minutes of your request for assistance. A quick follow-up to your questions is also essential for high-quality service.

The IT specialist that your company uses should keep you up-to-date about what is being done with your network. Their services should be guaranteed and any fees should be stated upfront. Projects should be completed on time and within your agreed upon budget.

IT specialists should engage in continuing education and training. Doing so allows them to keep your business prepared for the next cyber threat.


Here is a simple quiz to help you decide how you rate your current IT support:

How Does Your Computer Guy Stack Up?