Play It Safe With Cyber Security

If it seems like there is a cyber-attack making news headlines on a daily basis, you’re not imagining things. You may hope that your business’ network and data are safe, but this type of thinking is just what hackers are hoping you’ll do. Instead of hoping for the best for your business’ cyber safety, you can take action now to ensure that your data, operations and clients are as secure as possible.

Getting a Cyber Security Audit

It’s okay if cyber security isn’t your thing. To help you identify where your network and data security isn’t as strong as it should be, you could schedule a 15-point cyber security audit. This audit will be performed by computer security specialists who know all the tricks that hackers have up their sleeves.

What a Security Audit Can Do for Your Business

The audit of your network security will be performed by our IT experts. There is no cost to you for this service and no obligation for you to hire the specialists for further work. After the audit is completed, you’ll receive a report of the findings. The report will list recommended action steps to improve the security of your data.

A security audit allows you to take action to prevent expensive network repairs and other IT services that restore your system after a hack attack. You’ll also be able to continue business operations and avoid any costly government or bank fees associated with data breeches.

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Three Strategies for Excelling in Customer Service

Good customer service doesn’t have to be complicated. To maintain your customer base, add new clients and build a solid reputation, customer service is key. These three strategies will help your business offer the best level of customer service possible.

1. Hire Experienced Customer Care Specialists

When a customer contacts you, he or she wants to speak with a real person. Your customers don’t want to have to wait on hold to music, or worse, silence, for an indeterminate amount of time. An experienced IT service can help you to build a helpful phone network to better serve your customers.

2. Listen to Your Customers

Today’s technically savvy customers are likely to call you out via social media, email or phone if they have a problem with your product or service. Good companies listen to customers’ concerns, respond to them as soon as possible and make sure that each customer gets personalized care and not just a generic automated response. You could even hire a social media specialist to handle your online presence.

3. Take the Extra Step

When your customers see you going the extra mile on their behalf, they’ll remain loyal to you. Taking the extra step may mean helping customers even if there’s no added profit in it. Your customers will notice, and they’re likely to tell their friends and family about your excellent customer care.

Providing good customer service is ultimately more profitable than other marketing strategies. These tips will help keep your customers coming back.

Three Strategies for Building Your Brand Identity

Whether you’re a small business owner or a venture capitalist, you must have a clear understanding of your company identity in order to build up your brand identity. Your brand identity is what the public and consumers will associate with your business like the Big Mac did for McDonald’s restaurants. These three strategies will help you market your products or services by building a strong brand identity.

1. Maintain Consistency
Remember when Coke changed its formula and their customer base revolted? Consistency is key in building your brand identity. A large part of what makes brands recognized around the world is that their products or services are consistent every time they deliver. When you walk into a McDonald’s restaurant, you know what the Big Mac is going to taste like. Keep your brand’s identity consistent so your customer base remembers you.

2. Be Authentic
Your brand should draw from a short list when it comes to what identifies it. When describing your brand, you should be able to list about five words that are key to your marketing. Be able to say who you are (or what your brand is) in those five words.

3. Rediscover Your Audience
Before marketing your brand and building up your identity, you need to identify your audience. If you’re just starting out or you’re not sure whom your target audience is, do a little research. You’ll be able to discover helpful patterns of who is purchasing your products and services.

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Valentine’s Day Customer Appreciation Event

To show our appreciation for our customers, we’re offering a special Valentine’s Day gift to both new and existing customers. This limited-time event will last through the entire month of February. Customers must call by February 27 to claim one or both of these free gifts.

A Free Month of Full Service:
With this full-service gift, you will no longer have to worry about viruses, malware or spyware infecting your computer and disrupting your business operations. During the entire month of February, your first month of service is free. We can help you get your data uploaded to the cloud or test to make sure whether your backup data is fully functional. We’ll conduct a full system test to check for poor performance, data loss and other data safety problems. We’ll also check for signs of hacking and other security issues.

A Free Month of Data Back-up Service:
Backing up your data can take quite a bit of your time. With a free month of data backup service, you won’t have to worry any longer about getting this essential task complete. An off-site backup of your data allows your business to continue its operations in case of fire, flood or loss of power. Don’t let theft or hardware failure get in the way of your business operations. This month of free data backup service is a $597 value and is yours free if you sign up for this gift on or before February 27.

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Why You Need Responsive Web Design for Your Business

Today’s consumer demands an active relationship with any company that he or she is patronizing. In a world of infinite and instant choice, consumers are paying for that relationship just as much as they are paying for the product or service. Anything that a business can do in order to facilitate communication between the company and the customer will increase sales.

What does Responsive Web design do for my company?

Responsive Web design ensures that the information you want out front is actually being showcased to the customer. Because the screen changes based on the device that the site is being viewed upon, you can always put your best material in front of each customer.

Why does Responsive Web design matter?

A potential customer at home on a laptop may not be looking for the same information as that person looking at the same website on a mobile phone. If people are out and about, they are looking for immediate solutions. People sitting at home looking on a laptop may be more inclined to browse and compare. Responsive website design gives your company the ability to meet your consumer at eye level and address their needs.

Can I afford Responsive Web design?

Responsive web design has become so integrated into the online business world that it is now affordable for anyone who wants it. There is no excuse, especially when you look at the ROI that responsive web design returns to a company.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to Expire

If your business is still running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you need to take action now in order to ensure that your operations continue without any interruptions. Microsoft will halt all support on the Server 2003 operating system on July 14, 2015. To ensure the integrity of your servers, there are several action steps you can take now.

Equipment Upgrades

The best way to ensure your business continues without any disruptions is to purchase equipment upgrades. Old servers may not be able to handle your current amount of traffic, and with the increased security threats around Microsoft Windows Server 2003, upgrading your systems will provide you with the benefits of enhanced speed as well as better system security.

Data Migration

Another way to protect your data is to engage professional data migration services. Migrating your data to a supported server system keeps your business going while minimizing security risks that come with an unprotected system. Data migration can be done at the same time as backing up your information in case of a server malfunction.

Network Analysis

As a part of upgrading your equipment to guard against hacking and other types of cyber-attacks related to running the soon-to-be-obsolete Microsoft Windows Server 2003 software, you can also arrange for a complete analysis of your network. This includes security threat assessments and a backup of your information. You’ll also get specific information about the pros and cons of each new server system available to you.

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World Synergy® receives Weatherhead 100 Award

World Synergy is honored to be recognized by Case Western Reserve University Weatherhead School of Management as a Weathe2014 Weatherhead 100rhead 100 winner for 2014. The Weatherhead 100 award recognizes the region’s top 100 fastest growing companies over the past five years. Since its inception in 1988, the Weatherhead 100 commemorates Northeast Ohio’s spirit of entrepreneurship and recognizes companies that exemplify innovative success.

weatherhead 100 award ceremony“Cleveland, Ohio – December 5, 2014 – Glenn Smith (CEO, World Synergy) and his wife Lori Smith at the Weatherhead 100 Awards Ceremony. World Synergy ranked 45 of the 100 award winners.”

Read our press release to find out more about this remarkable award and to learn more about our marketing, technology and application services please contact Joanna Zinna.

“Win The Fight Against Cyber Criminals: Protect Your Data.”

Many celebrities have been the victim of smartphone hacking, and you need to know that your smartphone could be hacked as well. Your “selfies” and explicit photos could be stolen and uploaded all over the Internet.

Think about all of the data that’s currently on your phone or in your iCloud account that could compromise your personal and professional life if it got into the hands of a criminal. You may think that famous people are the only victims of such a crime, but small businesses are actually preferred targets among those who wish to cause financial harm.

Small businesses are often unprepared for criminal activity. In fact, over half of small business owners do not even believe a criminal would be interested in targeting them. This makes them perfect targets. Small businesses often lack a formal, or even an informal, cyber security plan. Unbelievable statistics show that 83 percent do not have a formal plan in place, and 69 percent do not even have an informal plan.

The average amount of damage that a cyber attack can cause is an incredible $188,242 per attack, and two-thirds of those attacked experience a business shutdown within six months. Most cyber crime victims are attacked because they have poor network security.

You can win the fight against cyber criminals by reading a free report called “What Every Business Owner MUST Know to Protect Against Online Identity Theft.” This report is easy-to-follow, and it has several vital pieces of important information you need to know in order to make your network more secure.

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Five Tips to Setting Worthwhile Marketing Goals That You Can Reach

If you’re like most people, creating a list of goals is essential to establishing where you’ve been and where you’re going. Without goals, you’re just sailing in the wind with no measurable objectives to confirm if your marketing tactics are effective.

Here are five tips to set realistic marketing goals:

1. Clear cut. Be specific about exactly what you want to achieve. The point of setting goals is to define exactly where you’re aiming, so avoid vague generalities.

2. Calculable. Use hard numbers when setting goals. Even if you don’t reach them, having a set of measurable objective gives you something to shoot for.

3. Credible. Don’t overreach. Only set goals that you know can feasibly be reached. If you feel they aren’t attainable, you’ll give up almost before you even start.

4. Concrete. Set goals you feel are necessary, and then stick to them tenaciously. There’s no reason to take the time to design objectives that you don’t feel are needed. When choosing your goals, set them in stone in your mind so that you will be more likely to stick to them.

5. Cut-off. Create a deadline for yourself, and then evaluate your results. Without a deadline, your project has no sense of urgency, and you can go indefinitely with little incentive to achieve your goals.

Setting goals is important in any business, and by following these tips, you can maximize the effectiveness of your goals and your likelihood of reaching them.

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TechTips – Replacing Windows 2003 Servers

Keep Your Windows Server 2003 Safe from Security Threats

Time for an Upgrade

If your office network is still running on the Windows Server 2003 system, it’s time for an upgrade. While this older server setup may be stable, there is a new security threat that puts these servers at risk, and upgrades should be completed by July 14, 2015. The reason this upgrade is necessary is because Microsoft will no longer be providing any type of security patches or upgrades for this system, which could make the server vulnerable to cyber criminals. Therefore, even if you love the nostalgia of using this older Window server, this is a great reason to upgrade to the latest and greatest Microsoft server platform.

What’s at Risk?

Unfortunately, there are people out there who target computer systems that have a weak spot in their network, allowing them to take the information. Microsoft has a team of highly trained programmers whose job it is to keep up-to-date with the latest hacker methods and release updates to help prevent your data from being stolen.

The great news is that you don’t have to go through this server upgrade alone. World Synergy is here to help you make this transition as easy and painless as possible. We will come to your business and inspect your network to evaluate what type of upgrades are the best options and prepare a customized Server 2003 Migration Plan. You’ll be able to rest assured that your company’s information is no longer at risk when they’re through.

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