Three Ways Microsoft SharePoint Can Benefit Smaller Organizations

In recent tech headlines, Microsoft announced its plans to expand SharePoint services to organizations with fewer than 5,000 employees. The expansion of service to small businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations has the potential to greatly change the way that employees are able to collaborate, network and share information with one another and their business partners.

Lower Prices
One of the benefits of the expansion of SharePoint services is the competition it will bring to the collaborative market. Because Google already offers a similar service that is free, Microsoft will need to offer its services at competitive prices. This in turn can help smaller organizations save money on essential business services.

Microsoft is known for providing real-time, 24/7 support to clients. This sort of customer service is appreciated by small businesses, especially if your organization does not have an extensive information technology support division on the payroll. Because the customer support is included in the pricing of SharePoint, getting prompt help for technical difficulties will not add any additional costs to your business.

Enhanced Customer Care Opportunities
The use of Microsoft SharePoint presents your business with enhanced customer care opportunities. Instead of trying to catch key contacts on the phone or trying to schedule in-person meetings, SharePoint allows you to easily communicate and attend to the concerns and needs of your clients. Everything you do will be backed up by Microsoft’s servers, allowing you to archive all actions and communications.

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Why Mobile Internet Security Is Essential to Your Organization

In today’s tech-driven economy, most organizations are providing the members of their staff with wireless devices, which then become a part of the “Internet of Things.” As this network grows, many companies have a difficult time keeping track of security updates to every device. Consider these three reasons why mobile Internet security should be one of your company’s highest priorities.

One small slip of the online tongue, and your company may be facing legal penalties. From unwarranted criticism to leaking of contract details or other confidential information, there are many ways your staff members could accidentally release information to the Internet. On the other hand, hackers may gain access to the confidential information in emails and texts stored in the history of smartphones and tablets. Avoiding litigation is one of the top three reasons your company needs to stay up to date with mobile security measures.

Consumer Confidence
Nearly every week, there is a news story about yet another online data breach in which hackers gained access to corporate emails. In order to maintain the confidence of your customers and business partners, your organization needs to keep up to date with security measures for all types of mobile devices.

A poor reputation due to data leaks may send your organization down a lonely path. Maintaining a strong reputation is key in long-term success, and requires a well-planned strategy for online mobile data security.

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Five Tips to Know Before Launching Into the Cloud

Cloud computing is popular among tech startups and big businesses alike. Although many companies are putting their entire IT infrastructure into cloud storage, others are taking cloud services on an app-by-app basis. Before moving your software to the cloud, take note of these five important considerations.

1. Create Multiple Backup Copies of Your Data
During the migration process, things can get shifted around, and there is a chance that files can be corrupted. Create two or more backup copies and store them separately before uploading to the cloud.

2. Keep a Local Copy
Lessen your risks and fears of data loss or errors by keeping a copy of your software on-site. Having a local network image on a network-attached storage device ensures that even if the cloud has a “rainy day,” your business can keep operating as usual.

3. Have a Backup Plan
If hackers take down your ISP, what will you do? Mitigate your risk level by maintaining a backup Internet connection with a separate provider.

4. Do Some Spring Cleaning
Although you could upload all the clutter and useless files that have accumulated, now is a great time to re-evaluate what you’ve been holding onto. Consider reorganizing file structures, permission levels and backup files.

5. Test the Waters
Use a transition plan rather than suddenly dumping every file into the cloud. Making the move to the cloud at an even pace allows you to ensure that it’s working the way you and your clients expect.

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Three Reasons Why Transparency Is Essential on Social Media

In order to make it in today’s highly competitive economy, businesses must be online with social media. This form of marketing has its own etiquette, including rules about how much, how often and how long to make updates. When building your brand’s social media presence, consider these three reasons why transparency is key.

Building Trust
Transparency on your social media pages helps to build trust among your business partners, customers, future clients and employees. Implementation of a policy of transparency helps organizations of all sizes build a level of trust with sensitive business operations. This is especially important for companies entrusted with financial and other personal information.

Maintaining Authenticity
Keeping a brand authentic on social media can be a challenge even for large corporations with teams of marketing specialists. Transparency keeps your company authentic to its mission and goals. Being authentic shows that you and your company have nothing to hide. This management style is highly attractive to current and future clients doing business with you.

Creating Energy
A transparent social media account shows that your company has a good flow of energy. When your customers and partners see that you are being transparent and telling the truth of your business, they will feel energized about working with you. This energy translates into loyalty in the present and greater productivity in the future. The transparency reflected on your social media lends itself to good feelings within and outside of your organization.

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Play It Safe With Cyber Security

If it seems like there is a cyber-attack making news headlines on a daily basis, you’re not imagining things. You may hope that your business’ network and data are safe, but this type of thinking is just what hackers are hoping you’ll do. Instead of hoping for the best for your business’ cyber safety, you can take action now to ensure that your data, operations and clients are as secure as possible.

Getting a Cyber Security Audit

It’s okay if cyber security isn’t your thing. To help you identify where your network and data security isn’t as strong as it should be, you could schedule a 15-point cyber security audit. This audit will be performed by computer security specialists who know all the tricks that hackers have up their sleeves.

What a Security Audit Can Do for Your Business

The audit of your network security will be performed by our IT experts. There is no cost to you for this service and no obligation for you to hire the specialists for further work. After the audit is completed, you’ll receive a report of the findings. The report will list recommended action steps to improve the security of your data.

A security audit allows you to take action to prevent expensive network repairs and other IT services that restore your system after a hack attack. You’ll also be able to continue business operations and avoid any costly government or bank fees associated with data breeches.

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Three Strategies for Excelling in Customer Service

Good customer service doesn’t have to be complicated. To maintain your customer base, add new clients and build a solid reputation, customer service is key. These three strategies will help your business offer the best level of customer service possible.

1. Hire Experienced Customer Care Specialists

When a customer contacts you, he or she wants to speak with a real person. Your customers don’t want to have to wait on hold to music, or worse, silence, for an indeterminate amount of time. An experienced IT service can help you to build a helpful phone network to better serve your customers.

2. Listen to Your Customers

Today’s technically savvy customers are likely to call you out via social media, email or phone if they have a problem with your product or service. Good companies listen to customers’ concerns, respond to them as soon as possible and make sure that each customer gets personalized care and not just a generic automated response. You could even hire a social media specialist to handle your online presence.

3. Take the Extra Step

When your customers see you going the extra mile on their behalf, they’ll remain loyal to you. Taking the extra step may mean helping customers even if there’s no added profit in it. Your customers will notice, and they’re likely to tell their friends and family about your excellent customer care.

Providing good customer service is ultimately more profitable than other marketing strategies. These tips will help keep your customers coming back.

Three Strategies for Building Your Brand Identity

Whether you’re a small business owner or a venture capitalist, you must have a clear understanding of your company identity in order to build up your brand identity. Your brand identity is what the public and consumers will associate with your business like the Big Mac did for McDonald’s restaurants. These three strategies will help you market your products or services by building a strong brand identity.

1. Maintain Consistency
Remember when Coke changed its formula and their customer base revolted? Consistency is key in building your brand identity. A large part of what makes brands recognized around the world is that their products or services are consistent every time they deliver. When you walk into a McDonald’s restaurant, you know what the Big Mac is going to taste like. Keep your brand’s identity consistent so your customer base remembers you.

2. Be Authentic
Your brand should draw from a short list when it comes to what identifies it. When describing your brand, you should be able to list about five words that are key to your marketing. Be able to say who you are (or what your brand is) in those five words.

3. Rediscover Your Audience
Before marketing your brand and building up your identity, you need to identify your audience. If you’re just starting out or you’re not sure whom your target audience is, do a little research. You’ll be able to discover helpful patterns of who is purchasing your products and services.

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Valentine’s Day Customer Appreciation Event

To show our appreciation for our customers, we’re offering a special Valentine’s Day gift to both new and existing customers. This limited-time event will last through the entire month of February. Customers must call by February 27 to claim one or both of these free gifts.

A Free Month of Full Service:
With this full-service gift, you will no longer have to worry about viruses, malware or spyware infecting your computer and disrupting your business operations. During the entire month of February, your first month of service is free. We can help you get your data uploaded to the cloud or test to make sure whether your backup data is fully functional. We’ll conduct a full system test to check for poor performance, data loss and other data safety problems. We’ll also check for signs of hacking and other security issues.

A Free Month of Data Back-up Service:
Backing up your data can take quite a bit of your time. With a free month of data backup service, you won’t have to worry any longer about getting this essential task complete. An off-site backup of your data allows your business to continue its operations in case of fire, flood or loss of power. Don’t let theft or hardware failure get in the way of your business operations. This month of free data backup service is a $597 value and is yours free if you sign up for this gift on or before February 27.

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Why You Need Responsive Web Design for Your Business

Today’s consumer demands an active relationship with any company that he or she is patronizing. In a world of infinite and instant choice, consumers are paying for that relationship just as much as they are paying for the product or service. Anything that a business can do in order to facilitate communication between the company and the customer will increase sales.

What does Responsive Web design do for my company?

Responsive Web design ensures that the information you want out front is actually being showcased to the customer. Because the screen changes based on the device that the site is being viewed upon, you can always put your best material in front of each customer.

Why does Responsive Web design matter?

A potential customer at home on a laptop may not be looking for the same information as that person looking at the same website on a mobile phone. If people are out and about, they are looking for immediate solutions. People sitting at home looking on a laptop may be more inclined to browse and compare. Responsive website design gives your company the ability to meet your consumer at eye level and address their needs.

Can I afford Responsive Web design?

Responsive web design has become so integrated into the online business world that it is now affordable for anyone who wants it. There is no excuse, especially when you look at the ROI that responsive web design returns to a company.

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Microsoft Windows Server 2003 to Expire

If your business is still running Microsoft Windows Server 2003, you need to take action now in order to ensure that your operations continue without any interruptions. Microsoft will halt all support on the Server 2003 operating system on July 14, 2015. To ensure the integrity of your servers, there are several action steps you can take now.

Equipment Upgrades

The best way to ensure your business continues without any disruptions is to purchase equipment upgrades. Old servers may not be able to handle your current amount of traffic, and with the increased security threats around Microsoft Windows Server 2003, upgrading your systems will provide you with the benefits of enhanced speed as well as better system security.

Data Migration

Another way to protect your data is to engage professional data migration services. Migrating your data to a supported server system keeps your business going while minimizing security risks that come with an unprotected system. Data migration can be done at the same time as backing up your information in case of a server malfunction.

Network Analysis

As a part of upgrading your equipment to guard against hacking and other types of cyber-attacks related to running the soon-to-be-obsolete Microsoft Windows Server 2003 software, you can also arrange for a complete analysis of your network. This includes security threat assessments and a backup of your information. You’ll also get specific information about the pros and cons of each new server system available to you.

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