World Synergy in High Growth Mode

2013 has been a big year so far for World Synergy! With record client growth expanding to customers in now 37 states as well as in Europe, we are proud to say our company now serves over 200 brands and growing.

But enough with the numbers.

One of our happiest reasons to celebrate in the office this year revolves around our very own Michael Mack on his recent promotion to President of World Synergy! Michael, who has been with us since 1999 and has held multiple leadership positions within World Synergy since, stated in our company’s press release earlier this year “I am very proud to lead World Synergy as President.”

Congratulations to Michael on a much-deserved promotion!

World Synergy Joins the Ranks of the Top 501 MSPs in the World

Today, we are thrilled to recognize our outstanding Technology Team. Essentially, the technology team mans the World Synergy Help Desk, assisting business owners day and night with everything from Onsite Network Administration and Cloud Computing to Hosted Exchange and Local Backup & Disaster Recovery Services.

Thanks to all of their hard work and dedication, World Synergy has landed on Nine Lives Media’s MSPmentor Top 501 Managed Services Providers List. The MSPmentor 501 is a global ranking of the world’s top 501 managed services providers. It builds upon our former MSPmentor 100 global list, published annually from 2008 through 2012.

We are pretty darn proud of our Technology Team for helping World Synergy gain worldwide recognition!

Want to get to know our Technology Team better? Learn more about the Managed IT Solutions they can offer.


Are You Thinking About Building Your Google Glass Application? We are.

By now, I’m sure you have heard at least some of the recent hype about Google’s latest prodigy project – Google Glass.

A head-mounted augmented reality system, Google Glass is a pair of glasses with the power of a hands-free smartphone built into it. In essence, Google Glass interacts with the Internet through spoken voice commands and displays real-time information slightly above your line of vision.

There is a lot of speculation out there as to how Google Glass will change the internet landscape if it catches on to the masses. One thing is for sure. Developers and Internet marketing firms are watching and preparing for changes.

At the moment, Google Glass rests in the hands of a small number of select people, but developers everywhere are already dreaming up apps and innovative uses for the new technology.

What do you think about Google Glass? Are you as excited as we are about the endless possibilities?

World Synergy Unveils Its 2012 Likes for Tikes Campaign

While decorating for the holidays last year, World Synergy’s team decided to roll out an idea to test web marketing and social networking for the greater good. We put a name on our experiment–Likes for Tikes–and we came up with a simple mission:

For every 20 new Likes World Synergy’s Facebook page received, World Synergy would donate a new toy to Northeast Ohio children in need this Christmas.

The result was astounding—57 new Likes within the first hour of announcing our test on Facebook!

In all, World Synergy extended the day dedicated to ‘Likes for Tikes’ into a week-long campaign. On December 16, 2011, World Synergy hand-delivered 24 gifts to the Toys for Tots warehouse headquarters in Brook Park, Ohio.

For this holiday season, World Synergy is changing the game a bit. For every 5 Likes that World Synergy’s Facebook Page receives from now until December 14th, we will donate a new gift to Toys for Tots. Our end goal to double our 2011 contribution and deliver 50 gifts on behalf of our Facebook fans.

If you want to help make sure less fortunate kids have a gift to unwrap this holiday season, please spread the word and ‘Like’ World Synergy!

Website Design Firm – New website for Tungsten Carbide Supplier

The website design firm, World Synergy, recently finished a new website project for Tungsten Solutions Group.

The new design speaks to customers searching for Tungsten powders and Tungsten Carbide powders.

The website also allows customers to control and maintain their own inventory that’s stored in warehouses in the United States. Tungsten Solutions Group provides lead times that are guaranteed and prompt (24-72 hours).

Tungsten Solutions Group services a variety of industries from aerospace and automotive to construction and recreation.

If you’re looking for a tungsten carbide supplier, contact Tungsten Solutions Group today.

Free Webinar – “eStrategy Marketing: ROI Secrets Unveiled”

marketing strategies

Interested in learning how to blend your online and traditional marketing efforts into the best ROI?

Registerfor our free webinar: “eStrategy Marketing: ROI Secrets Unveiled” at 1 p.m. (EST) on Thursday, July 19.

Mike Murray, World Synergy’s web strategy thought leader, will share real-life examples of how to organize and unite your marketing efforts to generate a ROI.

The webinar will focus on defining and tracking valuable metrics and how to effectively use marketing tactics and strategies.

Register today for the FREE webinar (spots are limited).

Website Design Firm Refreshes Website for Sustainability Consultants

The website design firm, World Synergy, recently finished a website design project for The Legacy Initiative.

The new website design speaks to building owners and managers who are looking for sustainable solutions and high performance buildings.

Sustainability management and green building construction is a competitive industry. It’s important to have a professional website that serves as a reference to potential clients.

Contact us today at World Synergy to learn more about our website design firm’s services.

Building a Business on the Internet Shouldn’t Be A Laughing Matter

Some business owners make me laugh when they shouldn’t.

I hear these true stories and feel like someone just told an old joke about “two guys walk into a bar and…”

The following is just an example of how detached some people are from what it takes to generate leads or sell online.

A friend just told me about a guy who wants to do SEO. The cost of a custom web site alone turned him off. That’s fair. You have many options for web development. If you use the right tools yourself, your web site may still proclaim: “I’m not a web designer and it shows doesn’t it?” Hopefully you’ll hire a designer.

But the funnier part was the exchange between my friend and this not-yet-successful business person.

“Can I e-mail you more information about pricing?”

“I don’t have e-mail.”

“You don’t.”

“I don’t have any plans to get e-mail either.”

What more can anyone say?

For SEO, Don’t Fear the Google Penguin

The SEO industry is buzzing again about Google’s latest algorithm hype – the Penguin webspam update.

Everyone, remain calm.

google seoI’m sure some good sites suffered with the new adjustment. But it’s aimed at the unscrupulous crowd that goes overboard with SEO – innocently or on purpose. Google is cracking down more and more on web sites that get irrelevant links with the expectation that they can game search engines actually do reward good inbound links. And Google also isn’t big on keyword stuffing in your content either.

Earlier this year, Google also attacked web sites that do a poor job of including text content up high – “above the fold” as the saying goes.

Last year, Google came down hard on web sites that had a lot of duplicate content. Hint: originality helps.

What does this mean for you?

1. Don’t mess with search engines.
2. Clean up your mess if you’ve gone overboard.

So far, we’re doing just fine.

We also don’t lose sight of he fact that Google makes all sorts of smaller algorithm changes throughout the year.

We’re always making adjustments on our end to protect or improve our clients’ rankings.

One of our medical clients has a keyword phrase that’s #2 on Google right now among 11.8 million results. According to Google, there are an estimated 1 million searches a year for that phrase. Another client sells industrial equipment and is #3 for a phrase that people search for 145,000 times a year.

And guess what, the web sites are peppered with those keyword phrases. But we’ve taken great care to include them only when it sounds natural.

I’m not too worried about the Google Penguin update. Rankings rise and fall. We strive for the overall improvements with keywords and rankings. It’s all about relevance.

Hopefully your business is built on more than how well you rank on Google (industry leader Danny Sullivan has a great piece about businesses that rely too much on Google). We love it when we get leads and sales from Google. But that’s only part of an effective strategy that factors in web design, calls to action, news releases, link building, permission e-mail marketing, social media and paid search when it makes sense.

If you’re going to focus on SEO (and you should to a degree), go after the keywords that your web site can support. If you’ve tried to get on the first page of Google and fallen short, make sure you are working with the right online marketing expert. If that person or team has a good reputation, it may be time to try some different keyword phrases or work on new content or build up your social media presence or pursue links from outstanding directories, publications, blogs and other sources.

If you’re doing the right things, put the Google Penguin out of your mind and work where you can excel. Write an article for a popular industry publication. Create some compelling content on your web site that others will talk about and pass along. You have many options.

Permission Marketing Measurements You Should Care About

Let’s first lay down the basics and review the terminology of the different permission marketing measurements you should be tracking.

  • Delivered describes how many emails were successfully sent out.
  • Bounced describes how many emails weren’t delivered because it’s no longer a working email.
  • Unique Views also known as Open Rate is the number of recipients that opened the email.
  • Unique Clicks describes the number of recipients that clicked in the email.
  • Total Clicks describes all the instances recipients who clicked in the email.
  • Unsubscribes is the number of people who have unsubscribed themselves from your email marketing campaign.

So which one should you really care about?

Well the bottom line is, you can have all the subscriptions, unique views and clicks but they do not have any value unless they are making a positive impact, like driving relevant traffic to your web site or converting to a web sale or filling out a form.

Image used for one of World Synergy's permission marketing campaigns and in the image alone there are 6 calls to action.

Of course we all shoot for a high open-rate, but it goes even further than someone just opening your permission marketing email.

It is important to focus on what that recipient is clicking within the email and if they are converting.

It’s easy to get caught up on high percentages, but if someone is just opening an email and not converting by filling out a form or visiting the web site then how do you measure the success of that email?

With all this being said, it is vital for emails to have calls to action! If it’s calling a number or driving traffic to the website to fill out a form. This helps with measuring the success of your email and its positive impact.

Contact us at World Synergy if you’re interested in starting a permission marketing email campaign.