World Synergy Donates Toys for Facebook Likes

World Synergy Employees Decorate the Toys for Tots Tree

This afternoon World Synergy decided to get festive and start giving.  In the holiday spirit, decorating the tree, we rolled out an idea to test internet marketing, social media and our networks for the greater good.

The message:

“World Synergy is donating toys for likes today!  Like the World Synergy page to take part in the Toys for Tots drive.  For every 20 new likes, World Synergy donates another new toy to Northeast Ohio children in need this Christmas.  You can help spread the word by liking the page and sharing the post on your own wall:

In a matter of an hour, twelve people shared the post on their own profiles and 57 new likes hit the Facebook page.  In this season of giving we’re elated to use social media to help children in Northeast Ohio receive Christmas presents. We’re all looking forward to seeing how many new likes we have in the morning and how many presents we get to drop off to Toys for Tots!

So if you haven’t liked us on Facebook, visit our page and help us to reach our goal of giving lots of gifts to Toys for Tots in the name of using social media to help underprivileged children during Christmas.

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