Web Marketing Solutions — Localized and Personalized Bing Results

Everyone searching at Bing within the U.S. use to see the same results, but as of today depending on the city you’re searching from makes a difference in search results.

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For instance, Search Engine Land provides an example of 2 search results in 2 different locations. One search setting was set in Los Angeles and another in New York. The results showed the Los Angeles Zoo ranking higher on the settings for Los Angeles than the one for New York.

Google has been using localized results since April 2009 and plans on expanding and strengthening its local efforts.

Bing is also incorporating personalized results. Bing is using past searches to reshape results for about 30% of queries where a searcher is trying to find a specific website. You will notice if your searches are personalized because a notification will appear at the bottom of your search results.

What are your thoughts of Bing jumping on the localized and personalized bandwagon?

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