Online Marketing Consultants Debate: Is Facebook a Google Killer?

A recent article in Clickz suggested the Google may be “toast” and that its “days of dominance may be numbered.”

To online marketing consultants who recently wished Google a happy 12th birthday, this idea may seem ridiculous.

But Facebook recently passed Google as the top source for traffic to sites like MSN, Yahoo and others. The easy sharing and like features allow users to quickly and easily (Read more about how the facebook like button is a powerful social media tool for web traffic.)

Still, Google has always had supremacy in search engines, even if Facebook is driving more visitors to sites its ease of content sharing. However, a recent partnership with Microsoft could challenge Google’s reign as king of the search engines.

The partnernship, which took place mid-October, allows Bing to “take data posted on Facebook — such as users’ “likes” or preferences — and use that information to provide more relevant search results,” according to an article in Reatuers.

This partnership will allow Bing to deliver interesting search results based on keywords and what users like. Analysts speculate that Bing’s market share will be immediately boosted as a result.

It’s an interesting battle for control over online search marketing and will be something to keep an eye on in the future.

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