SEO Marketing Tools: How Social Media Can Help Your Rankings

Social media remains a hot topic for online marketing specialists. Many are convinced that participating in social environments online will help build your brand, a loyal customer base and increase fans. It drives traffic to your web site and helps you connect with your customers on a personal level. But will it help with your SEO efforts?

There’s no clear answer – yet. Social media may play a strong hand in rankings down the road, but if you want to determine influencing factors that could help now, Search Engine Watch put together a list of 13 factors to pay attention to:

1. Number of Followers (Twitter)

2. Quality of Followers (Twitter)

3. Relevance of Followers (Twitter)

4. Number of Retweets (Twitter)

5. Number of Fans (Facebook)

6. Number of Comments (Facebook)

7. Number of Views (YouTube)

8. User Comments (YouTube)

9. References From Independent Profiles (YouTube)

10. Title of Video (YouTube)

11. Percent of Likes vs. Dislikes (YouTube)

12. Positive vs. Negative Brand Mentions (All Social Media)

13. Number of Social Mentions (All Potential Media)

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Social media is just one of many facets for web marketing solutions. Contact World Synergy, an online marketing firm, today for help with your entire eStrategy.

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