Online Search Marketing: Google Says Bing is Main Competitor

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt says Bing is his main competitor in a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal. He said Facebook and Apple are not competitive threats.

“What’s interesting is we think of neither [Facebook or Apple] as a competitive threat…our competitor is Bing. And it’s interesting, for years, people have asked about Microsoft and everyone has forgot about Bing.”

Watch and embedded video of the interview.

Schmidt did not comment on Google’s recent partnership with Yahoo, but certainly the merger makes Bing a stronger competitor.

Search Engine Watch reported that Google takes in about 62% of the market share for search engine use. Bing and Yahoo combined made up 28% in July 2010, a slight drop from June 2010 when the two totaled nearly 33%. Ask receives a little under 4% of the market share and AOL received about 2%.