Marketing Internet Business — Facebook Sues Teachbook

The social media giant Facebook is suing Teachbook, an online community for teachers.

The suit claims that the use of “book” infringes on the Facebook trademark and that Teachbook is “blatant attempt to become Facebook ‘for Teachers.’”

Facebook has over 500 million active users. By comparison, Teachbook doesn’t have any members signed up yet. The site is only available for viewing online. It’s meant to provide a place for teachers to share lesson plans and vent, according to Teachbook creators.

Teachbook managing partner Greg Shrader told that it was a classic “David and Goliath situation” and that Facebook is “throwing bombs at a mosquito. They believe we’re going to roll over and in some respect they get to own the term ‘book.’”

Read the full suit here.

So what do you think? Should new social media networks be allowed to use the word “face” or “book” in their title or is infringing on the Facebook trademark?

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Interactive Website Design — Millennial Generation to Continue Sharing on Social Media

Technology experts believe that sharing and engaging in social media is here to stay for Generation Y Internet users, according to a new study by The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project.

Of the nearly 900 technology stakeholders and critics interviewed, 67% agreed that:

“By 2020, members of Generation Y (today’s “digital natives”) will continue to be ambient broadcasters who disclose a great deal of personal information in order to stay connected and take advantage of social, economic, and political opportunities. Even as they mature, have families, and take on more significant responsibilities, their enthusiasm for widespread information sharing will carry forward.”

Nearly 30 percent disagreed, saying that Generation Y users would “grow out” of sharing and using social media sites.

Read the full report online

What do you think: Will social media die out with other fads, just as pogs and beanie babies faded into the distance, or will it continue to be a part of our daily routine?

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Search Engines Marketing — Internet Explorer Still Biggest Browser Used

Internet Explorer is still king in the land of Internet Browsers, with 60.74% of the market share. That’s down from September of 2009, when IE captured 65.71% of the market, but still a substantial majority.

Besides IE, Internet users choose the following browsers:

  • Firefox, 22.91%
  • Chrome, 7.16%
  • Safari, 5.09%
  • Opera, 2.45%
  • Other, 1.66%

View the full report by Net Market Share.

These stats are important to pay attention to when designing and updating your website. You want your site to look good and function on all browsers, and on all versions of these browsers, but keep in mind the majority of Internet surfers are using Internet Explorer.

You can also look at your website analytics to see exactly what browser your visitors are using. In Google Analytics, you can access this under the Visitors section by clicking on Browser Capabilities, and then Browsers.

Be sure to also check out your website title tags. Using your company’s name and keywords in title tags can help with your search engines marketing.