Website Marketing Services — Online Marketing Firm World Synergy Expands Staff

World Synergy, a website marketing services firm, welcomes Relationship Manager, Joanna Rae.

Joanna has more than five years of sales and marketing experience. She is a graduate of the Cleveland State University with a degree in business administration. Joanna’s level of interpersonal communication skills and rapport building will help continue to foster the relationships with new and current clients.

In Joanna’s spare time, she volunteers for The Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses. She develops marketing plans to enhance program awareness and helps train horses for potential adopters.

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Online Marketing Solutions — Google AdWords New Feature

Recently, Google AdWords added a new feature that lets you optimize your ads for conversions, Conversion-aware  Creative Rotation (CaCR).

With CaCR, you are able to choose what ads show that are expected to provide more conversions more often. It works for both Search and Display campaigns.

There are different rotation settings available that will rotate ads within an ad group.

Rotate: Ads rotate evenly in the ad auction, even if an ad has a lower CTR than another.

Optimize for clicks: Ads expected to have more clicks will appear more often in the ad auction than other ads. This setting will allow your ad groups to gain more impressions and clicks.

Optimize for conversions: Ads expected to have more conversions will appear more often in the ad auction. This setting will allow your ad group to receive fewer clicks, but is expect to receive more conversions and an improved ROI.

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Online Marketing Websites — What Are People Tweeting About?

Twitter has evolved into a market place of sharing ideas, news, industry events….or what you’re eating for breakfast and what you decided to wear to dinner. Twitter can be used for a variety of purposes, there is no right or wrong way of using it.

Twitter can be a great marketing tactic and communication source. Many companies are incorporating Twitter into their marketing efforts, while others use it for leisure.

PEW Research found that ¼ of Twitter users regularly use Twitter throughout the day. Only 24% of users are on it several times a day, while 21% are reported never to use it.

Research also revealed that the majority of what’s being shared on Twitter is personal updates, while very few users share videos or tweet location.


  • About 22% post personal updates
  • About 20% retweet others
  • About 18% post general life observations
  • About 15% share links to news stories and post work updates

For more information regarding the study, click here.

Learn more about online marketing websites and how social media can improve your online marketing efforts.

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Website Marketing Services — My Classic Forklift Contest Launches

Do you have a forklift that has surpassed its life expectancy and is STILL operating?

Decker Forklifts is hosting “My Classic Forklifts” contest to honor forklifts that have matured over the years and has out-lasted other models.

Submit your durable forklift here.

Your long-lasting forklift could help you win one of several prizes from $50 to $100 gift cards! You also earn an honorary “My Classic Forklift” badge that can be placed on your web site.

The contest is open to all forklift and lift trucks that are at least 15 years old.

The first 250 forklifts submitted will be featured in the My Classic Forklift Gallery at Decker Forklifts web site.  Please review My Classic Forklift Rules.

So whether your forklift has spent its entire existence loading docks or bounced from warehouse to warehouse, we want to hear all about it. Enter your forklift now!

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Online Business Marketing — Ohio Cities Directory Contest Announcement

One of the oldest online Ohio directories is proud to announce a contest for Ohioians to flaunt their community pride!

Service of Online Marketing Firm World Synergy, Ohio Cities Directory is hosting a contest to encourage Ohioians to share why they love their cities.

Submit your entry here.

Entries for the “Why I Love My Ohio City” contest should be about your town – the people, food, history, schools, attractions and more. Or, reminisce a memorable holiday with friends and family in your hometown.

The contest isn’t a writing competition. It’s to reflect community pride on personal experiences, local heroes or traditions. All submissions will be showcased on the Ohio Cities Directory website.

The contest ends January 31st 2011 and prizes will be given to randomly selected winners.

Prizes include:

Enter the contest today! For more information visit Ohio Cities Directory Website, please review contest rules.

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Website Marketing Strategy — Innoplast Bollard Cover Videos

Affordable, Ageless Protection is now showing, drive in today!

Innoplast recently launched 2 new videos highlighting the affordability and durability of its BollardGard bollard cover, focusing on excellent customer service and delivering dependable products.

The video, “Affordable Bollard Covers from Innoplast,” features customers’ satisfaction with BollardGard bollards covers.

It explains the simplicity of bollard covers and how it can reduce maintenance and eliminate painting expenses.

The other video highlights the 5-year warranty Innoplast offers against fading and cracking. You’ll from Innoplast customers and how they feel about the warranty.

Jim Corra, manager of Park Auto Group and an Innoplast customer, said Innoplast’s customer service and the 5-year warranty create a worry free process.

“The nice thing about the Innnoplast product is that it does come with a 5-year warranty,” he said. “That really does help us with peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen, we know that we would be able to speak with them and everything would be fixed.”

Watch the full bollard cover videos now.

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Online Marketing Services — Announces New Bundle Tool for Multiple Links launched a new tool for sharing multiple links with one URL.’s new feature has made it possible for online marketing specialists to bundle several URL’s into one shortened URL.

Now you can tweet a string of URL’s sharing a collection of various links on a specific topic. Share your favorite holiday recipes or post a collection of SEO marketing tools with just one short URL.

Simply post all the links into the box and as you paste the links the bundle option appears under the list of shortened links. Once you have all of your links, click “bundle” and the option to add customized titles and descriptions appears (optional). When you’re finished, click “copy” in the Bundle stats box, which is off to the right.

Additional Features Include:

  • Customized titles and descriptions to each link within the bundle.
  • Add or remove links within a bundle.
  • Arrange the order of links in the bundle
  • Comment feature for viewers to discuss links
  • Track bundles performance with bitly’s info + functionality

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SEO Keyword Tools — Managing Your SEO Campaign

To Do, or Not To Do With Your SEO Campaign

An effective search engine optimization campaign can be beneficial to your company and increase your ROI, but only if it’s executed properly by online marketing experts.

There is no such thing as a perfect SEO campaign. SEO tactics involve several trial and error cases using SEO keyword tools. You can’t know every keyword or phrase to be targeting. It takes knowledge and expertise when picking out which keyword to optimize for.

But there is no room for common mistakes that can be avoided or fixed.

Here are 5 common mistakes when it comes to search engines marketing:

  1. The Endless Yellow Brick Road
    Keyword optimization is a journey of opportunities and obstacles. It’s not just a one-time attempt. It takes time and effort. You can work on the infrastructure of a website, while achieving higher rankings and driving more traffic. Adjustments and changes are expected with old keywords and new, fresh ones.
  2. The Unforgotten Page Title Tags
    Too often companies miss out on a powerful opportunity of including keywords in title tags. Companies need to take the time to test different keywords to see which ones will work and which ones don’t. Don’t forget, you can also spruce things up and include your company’s name.
    Don’t try to tackle too many SEO tactics all at once. You will never know which strategy was more effective. Pace your tasks and make baby changes overtime. A ranking can simply improve by changing a graphic to text.
  4. Content. What’s that?
    Content! Content! Content! I can’t say it enough. Little to nothing content on a page isn’t going to cut it. By adding more phrases and paragraphs, it can make a big improvement with your keyword rankings. You can add little summaries with subheads, cross-reference links, include a testimonial. I could go on. At the end of the day, short pages aren’t going to deliver.
  5. Results, Results, Results!
    ROI isn’t just a completed a conversion. Businesses shouldn’t ignore the results of keywords ranking top of search engines or a significant increase of traffic to your website. Acknowledge and honor those improvements by including them in your list of ROI. Some baby improvements to a website can help increase your ROI. Ask yourself, is my website really effective? Does the colors and themes mesh-well? Is the website user friendly and easy to navigate? Do I have too much crammed in the navigation? Where’s my call to action-is it visible?

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IT Management Consultant — Congratulations to World Synergy Network Engineer for Placing in Case Mod Contest

World Synergy’s Network Engineer Bruce Maley placed 2nd in the 2010 Case Mod Contest with his masterpiece “claptrap.”

Claptrap is a GIGABYTE GA-MA69GM-S2H AM2 Motherboard with an AMD Phenom X4 9850 Quad Core CPU. The CPU is cooled by a Corsair H50 water cooler.

Graphics are handled by a SAPPHIRE 100251SR Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB (an 8Gb of Corsair XMS2 ram help out), with a Maxtor 500Gb and a Seagate 1Tb hard drives round out the storage. All of this is powered by a CoolerMaster 750W PSU.

Congratulations Maley for your hard work! World Synergy is proud of you.

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Online Marketing Expert — Mike Murray Joins Professional Advisory Board of JMC at Kent State University

Mike Murray, web strategy thought leader for World Synergy, has been named to the Professional Advisory Board of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (JMC) at Kent State University.

Murray will provide feedback to the school on its programs, mentor students and help promote JMC. Murray is a 1986 graduate of KSU, where he earned a BA in journalism and is a formed editor of the Daily Kent Stater.

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