Search Engines Marketing — Internet Explorer Still Biggest Browser Used

Internet Explorer is still king in the land of Internet Browsers, with 60.74% of the market share. That’s down from September of 2009, when IE captured 65.71% of the market, but still a substantial majority.

Besides IE, Internet users choose the following browsers:

  • Firefox, 22.91%
  • Chrome, 7.16%
  • Safari, 5.09%
  • Opera, 2.45%
  • Other, 1.66%

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These stats are important to pay attention to when designing and updating your website. You want your site to look good and function on all browsers, and on all versions of these browsers, but keep in mind the majority of Internet surfers are using Internet Explorer.

You can also look at your website analytics to see exactly what browser your visitors are using. In Google Analytics, you can access this under the Visitors section by clicking on Browser Capabilities, and then Browsers.

Be sure to also check out your website title tags. Using your company’s name and keywords in title tags can help with your search engines marketing.