Website Marketing Strategy – Tips for 2012

As companies plan for their success in 2012, they would do well to look well beyond the value of individual marketing opportunities, tactics and strategies and tie them together to meet their business objectives.

We do just that by championing an eStrategy with each of our clients. It encompasses everything we do and the services and perspective we offer clients.

What’s an eStrategy?

Through an eStrategy, we shape an ongoing plan that marries online activities (including SEO and permission email marketing) with what businesses are doing offline (including seminars, trade shows and more) in view of their business goals.

It’s too easy for companies (let alone consultants) to work in silos and not keep the big picture in mind as they make decisions that affect the ideal website marketing strategy.

Our clients consistently keep us up to speed with their print advertising calenders, their ties to industry events, seminars they’re hosting and much, much more. All of these efforts can easily be showcases online through:

  • Web site content
  • Search engine optimization
  • Paid search campaigns
  • Link building
  • Permission email marketing campaigns
  • and more

We’re adamant about staying in touch with clients and aligning our plans with all of their marketing so we can work together to maximize key messages. We’re able to craft timely and relevant strategies because we’re up to speed on how clients position their businesses in their respective markets.

Learn more about what an eStrategy includes or call us today at 440-349-4940. We’d be happy to answer your questions so your company can make the most of its marketing  in 2012 – online and offline.

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