Is Your Computer Network Ready for an Upgrade?

As technological advances continue to shape the world around us, your business needs to continue to keep up. In order to effectively keep up, you need to plan ahead and take notice of the trends that are occurring in the present or are soon-to-occur in the future, so you can have a plan in place before it’s too late – and your left falling behind.

What is your organization’s plan for keeping up with technology changes over the next 6-12 months? As cloud computing becomes an increasingly popular – and nearly mandatory – practice for keeping your network security safe and protected, you should begin by implementing a plan for upgrading your office computer network.

The idea of upgrading your computer network may seem like a strenuous, costly, and complex process – but it doesn’t need to be.

By utilizing smart, efficient cloud computing technologies, we simplify IT for your company, and eliminate the need to purchase, install, and maintain complex and expensive IT systems in house.

In fact, we typically lower our clients IT upgrade and maintenance costs by 25% while simultaneously:

  • Eliminating or reducing system crashes, viruses, slowness, and other technical problems.
  • Providing instant disaster recovery, meaning you’ll never lose data due to a data-erasing disaster.
  • Delivering the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, from any device.

Begin preparing your organization for a better future by working with us. At no cost or obligation, we’ll come to your office and conduct a thorough review of your computer network, backups and technologies. From there, we’ll show you a simple, cost-effective plan for upgrading your network to the cloud versus the traditional on-premise server and network you currently have.

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World Synergy Announces Move To Beachwood: Crain’s Cleveland Interview

We are excited to announce our move to Beachwood, Ohio, which will officially take place in early 2017!

Over the past 11 years, our firm has grown to its current size in a 3,000-square-foot office at 6830 Cochran Road in Solon, Ohio. The 5,500 square feet office that we are moving to is located at 3700 Park East Drive in Beachwood and will give us the room to expand and accommodate with future additional hires.

For more information on our move to Beachwood, check out our interview with Crain’s Cleveland Business.

5 Easy Things You Should Do To Protect Your Business Today

What have you done to protect your business this month?

September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, so we’ve decided to celebrate by offering a FREE 60-minute “Protect My Business” consultation. We will send one of our Senior Network Engineers to your office to help you address a checklist of questions that you should be considering to help keep your organization stay safe from a technology disaster:

  1. Is your general liability insurance up to date? Review your business insurance and make sure it covers all of the assets you’ve accumulated in your office over the years. Computer equipment and devices, desks, chairs, art, supplies – the list goes on. It’s important to take the time to review your general liability insurance and update your coverage because should damage occur, you will need something to rely on to help pay the cost.
  2. Is your company well-equipped enough to take advantage of a move to the cloud? Store your data offsite by considering cloud computing. Keep your valuable data and assets in a highly secure, highly available data center with failover and redundancy built into it. The cloud will keep your data safe against all threats and costs that come with the risk of in-house storage, such as server meltdown or building damage.
  3. Is your data secure enough to be protected from theft? If you keep any sensitive information on laptops, phones and other devices, make sure you have a legitimate way of controlling and safeguarding that information. Theft is ever-present in today’s advanced world – and is an entity of its own that you do not want to encounter.
  4. Have you developed a simple disaster recovery plan? Help to ease the stress of an already stressful situation by making your recovery plan as simple, but efficient, as possible. ‘Simple’ is the key word here – because if it becomes too complicated, you will have a hard time implementing it should you ever need to.
  5. Do your employees understand your organizations internet policy? As more and more time is spent on the internet, it is extremely important that your employees know where the line is and what information they can and can’t post online. Make sure you internet policy is up to date and recognized by the employees of your organization.

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World Synergy: Your eCommerce Prophet 21 Integration Solutions Partner

Here at World Synergy, we have a team of strategic partners ready to streamline your business processes with Prophet 21® ERP integrations. Our team of Prophet 21® Engineers and Business Analysists, Magento Developers, and Digital Marketing Strategists will work from start to finish by your side to ensure a seamless Prophet 21® eCommerce integration in order for you and your customers to experience top-notch technology, including stunning websites and mobile applications.

Work with World Synergy and Prophet 21® to reduce labor costs and pricing oversights, simplify product information and order processes, and increase productivity and profits.

Our integration services for Prophet 21® ERP includes:

  • P21 system support, administration, and training and implementation services.
  • DataLINK Connector API for P21 integration services for eCommerce third party software platforms. Join your P21 system to leading third party software applications like Magento eCommerce, ROC Commerce, AspDotNetStorefront, Big Commerce, and more.
  • Integrate P21 with your eCommerce solution and/or your CRM system, as long as your CRM system offers its own API connectors.
  • Integrate P21 as a solution to solve supply chain management business challenges – custom or mainstream.
  • Integrate your third party software application with your P21 system, as long as it has an API or WPI.

Our team brings years of experience in being consultants, advisors, programmers, and developers all in one package. Work with us and we will provide technological competence, customer-centric service, and an understanding of the complex code/framework that the Prophet 21® ERP system is built on to better your business for you and your customers.

For more information about how World Synergy can align your business processes with Prophet 21® ERP integrations, contact Joanna Zinna at (440) 479-9818.

Better Your Content Marketing Strategy: CM World Takeaways

Here’s a little known fact: Cleveland is the Content Marketing Capital of the World.

At least, that’s what our marketing team learned earlier this month when we attended the largest content marketing event in the world, Content Marketing World Conference and Expo. Given that Cleveland is known as The Land of Champions, and, of course, we reside here, it is no surprise that we have been given such a title. Just add it to the ever-growing championship list!


Content Marketing World brought on a week of learning, innovating, and networking with over 550 companies from around the world in efforts to further explore the industry that is always keeping us on our toes. With over 150 sessions and workshops presented by 225 of the world’s leading brand marketers, the opportunities to grow as a strategic content marketer for the week were endless.

Throughout the course of 4 days, our team attended a wide variety of workshops, working sessions, lunch and learns, and labs. With all that is going on in the ever-changing marketing industry, staying up to date and learning all that is new is crucial for our business and our client’s success. The week provided us with the opportunity to educate ourselves in order to keep our marketing efforts moving forward in a successful direction. Leaving this year’s conference, we headed back to the office with bags full of free branded belongings and, more importantly, heads full of new strategic processes that we couldn’t wait to put to work.

Here are some of our key takeaways on how to better your content marketing strategy, given our experience at Content Marketing World 2016:

Make the effort to be more strategic when creating content. This was a huge point that was emphasized throughout the week. Andy Crestodina, Co-founder and Strategic Director of Orbit Media, hit the nail on the head during his keynote speech as he discussed what makes or breaks a content strategy, and what qualifies for good content.

As Crestodina asked in his presentation, “how many people are waiting for your article to go live? Make sure it’s not zero.” It is important to understand who your audience is and who is following you for the content you are publishing. Crestodina provided a helpful tip to practice in order to gain traction on a follower base and publish content that is sought after and beneficial for readers: “What do people in your industry always say but rarely support? Find the missing stat.” Find the things that people want to know, but don’t have easy access to getting information on. Provide useful content, and do so by collaborating with others, gathering original research, and driving strong opinions.

Understand your why. Comedian and keynote speaker Michael Jr. challenged each of us to deeply understand why we do what we do when he stated, “if you understand your why, you have a lot of options for what… but your why never changes.” When you have everything you need to create a great content strategy, take a step back and question if it aligns with your why. Why are you sending this content out? Helping our clients understand their why is an extremely important element of our value proposition process, which then carries over to the content that is implemented.

Recognize that depth wins. Don’t be shallow when it comes to the content you create. Tell your story with purpose, and keep your content with a recognizable tone of voice. While some content is limited to 140 characters, content with depth and meaning is much more valuable long-term to brands.


For more information about how World Synergy can help your organization increase rankings and SEO results with digital marketing support and strategy, contact Joanna Zinna at (440) 479-9818.

A Simple First Step to a More Effective Social Media Report

It’s no surprise that businesses are utilizing social media more than ever in 2016. As social platforms continue to grow, businesses are continuing to grow with them.

That said, it is not uncommon for organizations to have a presence on every social platform across the board – LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat, Google+, YouTube – just to name a few. Content is constantly being created and posted, and with so many channels to keep up with, social media management can be overwhelming.

With everything that is being posted and pushed out to the social-world, how do companies track their social efforts and define what should be reported on to help move their social media strategy, and overall company welfare, in a productive direction?

Most social platforms offer some form of available insights to see how many views, clicks, likes, shares, etc., your page or post gets. While those numbers are important to keep track of, they only show a glimpse into the metrics that really should be tracked in regards to moving a brand forward through social media efforts. To dig deep into measuring how your social media efforts are impacting your brands performance, you need to make sure you are observing more than just the shallow provided numbers.

Here is one simple tip to help you get started on thinking differently and reporting on your social efforts more effectively: track follower engagement in comparison to your number of followers.

Numbers need context to mean anything. A report might show that you got 50 likes last month on your Facebook posts – great! Some might choose to accept the 50 likes and move on to the next reported statistic. However, take a second look at that number and compare it to your 400,000 followers – still so great? Probably not.

Getting into the habit of using the following conversions can help you to see the reported numbers in a different light and how your brand is actually influencing its followers:

Applause rate % = (total # of likes on posts ÷ total # of followers) x100

Tracking your applause rate will show how many of your followers are actually interested in your post enough to engage with it.

Amplification rate % = (total # of times posts were shared ÷ total # of followers) x100

Tracking your amplification rate will provide insight into how many of your followers find your post interesting enough to share to their networks.

Conversation rate % = (total # of comments on posts ÷ total # of followers) x100

Tracking your conversation rate will show how many followers feel strongly enough about your content to speak to it.

For more information about how World Synergy can help your organization increase efficiency and results with digital marketing support and strategy, contact Joanna Zinna at (440) 479-9818.

Protect Your Brand: Be Proactive

When it comes to your website, how safe is safe enough? Your website is a critical element in representing your company as a whole – down to your brand, reputation, revenue, and client-base.

Technology is ever-changing and it is critical that you keep up with measures to protect your website and eCommerce. Downtimes and breaches are expensive, and with them comes loss of time, money and customers.

Google and other Search Engines work to protect users from potential threats. However, once your website or eCommerce is hacked, you risk your search optimization efforts also being compromised – leading to loss in confidence from a consumer standpoint.

That said, you can never be safe enough. You can’t afford to only be reactive.

Choose to be proactive.

To protect your company from cyber-threats, World Synergy actively provides security scanning of your hosted website to detect Layer 7 DDoS attacks, malicious traffic, and malware removal before it’s too late.

Automated Security Scanning. Customize the frequency of automated scans to watch your server (DNS and/or SSL) for changes and malicious activity.

Website Firewall. Monitor malicious traffic attempting to access your website and proactively block attempts before they reach the server for malicious attempts with a Firewall (Layer 7 DDoS).

Malware Removal. If malicious traffic gets past the firewall and infects the site, all files will be cleaned of any known malware.

PCI. PCI-DDS scanning.

Your company only has one reputation. Contact World Synergy to begin proactively protecting not only your website and eCommerce, but your customers and the future of your brand.

Watch Your Cyber Back

As advances in technology continue to make the world a more global and connected place, businesses are more vulnerable than ever for their valuable information to be targeted. These advances in technology have helped extremely dangerous and well-funded cybercrime rings in countries like China, Russia, and the Ukraine to use sophisticated software systems to hack into small businesses to steal credit cards, client information, and drain money directly from bank accounts.

Being a small business does not mean that you are not vulnerable to large-scale attacks. In fact, due to the common lack of adequate security systems, most small businesses are easy targets for hackers. 82,000 new malware threats are being released every single day and half of the cyber-attacks occurring are aimed at small businesses. The National Cyber Security Alliance reports that one in five small businesses have been victims of cybercrime in the past year. This number is growing year over year as more businesses utilize cloud computing, mobile devices and store more information online.

We are committed to warn as many businesses as possible of the threats facing their organization so they have a chance to protect not only themselves before it’s too late.

Learn more about protecting your company from cyber security attacks and download the free report which Outlines 7 Most Critical IT Security Protections Every Business Must Have In Place Now To Protect Themselves From Cybercrime, Data Breaches And Hacker Attacks, or contact Kristin Evans at (440) 349-4940 Ext. 612 for a consultation.

World Synergy Participates in Cleveland GiveCamp 2016

IMG_0124Once a year in July, more than 200 volunteers come together to spend a weekend building websites and applications for non-profit organizations. In that single weekend hundreds of man-hours are spent, and many hours of sleep are lost.

This year Cleveland GiveCamp was July 29-31, with more than 20 projects attempted and completed.

This year three of World Synergy’s best were there to help out in any way they could. Our team camped out and committed to their projects, working early days and late nights on the shores of Lake Erie.

Ross Ritchey – Senior Application Engineer

Ross is quickly becoming a GiveCamp veteran, with this being his third time attending. This year Ross worked on a project for the Harvard Community Services Center (

The HCSC’s mission is “to improve the quality of life and social functioning of residents in the Lee-Harvard, Miles, and Seville areas” of Cleveland. They desperately needed their website refreshed, and also made easily updateable so they can more easily maintain it going forward. The team of volunteers picked up the challenge and helped to reorganize the content, find images to help promote the areas of the site, and built the center a new RWD WordPress website.

Sean Shea – Junior Web Developer

This was Sean’s second GiveCamp, and his first on the World Synergy team. This year Sean worked on a project for the Jewish Secular Community of Cleveland.

The Jewish Secular Community works to provide a warm and supportive community for celebrating people of Jewish descent, the Jewish calendar, and issues of universal and Jewish importance. They were in need of a full website refresh, and the team of volunteers worked tirelessly to build them a new RWD WordPress website.

Their overall goal was to try to make their website look a bit more modern, so that they could try to attract a younger crowd. Also, they needed a way to make frequent updates, which would not be too complicated.

Jay Kozar – Art Director

For Jay – this was his first experience at GiveCamp. This was also the first time World Synergy sent a designer to the event. Jay worked the weekend on a project for NOVA.

NOVA stands for Northeast Ohio Voters Advocates. This association works tirelessly to make sure that people in Northeast Ohio are registered to vote, and have the tools necessary to get out there and vote on Election Day. The GiveCamp project was an infusion of work for them at just the right time – as they gear up for the presidential elections this fall. The team picked up and worked on two websites for NOVA – their main site was rebuilt in WordPress, and their Drupal site for volunteers was refreshed and had some functionality added to it.

Over the course of the weekend, the NOVA project had several pieces that needed a more experienced hand. Both Ross and Sean were pulled into the project before the end of the weekend to help show how to do some things in WordPress and Drupal, and also to build out some more advanced styling pieces.

We look forward to GiveCamp 2017!

Grow Your Marketing Efforts with an Effective Marketing Calendar

If you are handling marketing projects within your organization, you probably understand how difficult it can be to stay on top of all of the efforts, people, and projects that make up any given calendar year. New opportunities are always going to be added, deadlines will be pushed around, points of contact will shift – you name it. If one thing is consistent throughout the year, it’s that change is inevitable.

Staying organized and up-to-date on the events occurring during the year can seem to be, at times, nearly impossible. Especially as a team. So how can your team battle against the influx of changes and manage to stay on the same page throughout the course of the year?

Here’s a tip: by using an effective marketing calendar.

The long-term benefits of utilizing a marketing calendar will help keep team members in tune with marketing objectives and projects critical to not only your team and organization’s success, but your client’s success as well. Here’s what a marketing calendar can do to help your team and organization become more efficient:

Stay organized with a timeline. Always be aware of what needs to be worked on or what is due on any given day, week, or month. Adjust start dates and deadlines as they change, and map out reoccurring or individual events. Recognize slower periods of the year where there is opportunity to grow, or busier periods where you may want to slow down. Timelines give a visual perspective to your year that may provide more insight than simply accepting hard dates.

Evaluate efforts. View yearly, monthly, weekly, or even daily marketing efforts as a whole and compare the successes of one year to those of other years. Keeping a detailed record of marketing plans will help to evaluate what the future of your marketing strategies will entail for your organizational efforts. The insights taken from comparing year over year will show where your team’s strengths are, or where you have room to improve for following years.

Define team member roles. Pin individuals to specific projects and tasks in order to keep team members organized with the assignments they are responsible for and how they are contributing to the greater picture. Defining member roles provides clarity for who is liable and who the point of contact is for each task, eliminating confusion within larger teams.

Keep teams on the same page. As businesses become more digital, it is not uncommon for team members to work remotely and on multiple projects at once. Keep all team members in-the-know of what is going on at any given moment by consistently updating projects and tasks and by utilizing the calendar as a central team hub.

For more information about how World Synergy can help your organization increase efficiency and results with digital marketing support and strategy, contact Joanna Zinna at (440) 479-9818.